Birds of Borg

We Are Birds Of Borg
Resistance Is Futile
You Will Be Assimilated
We are Borg. We are one mind. We all fly in the same direction.
We are directed by left and right cursor keys (or A and D).
We are strongest attacking together.
We regenerate when we are not under attack.
We are in the internet. If we choose to do so.
We are green. Prey ist gray. Other Borg are colored differently.
We will assimilate them. All of them.
Shut up and start a quick solo game (1 AI)
Shut up and wait for a Real-World enemy
2 AIs 3 AIs 4 AIs (Artificial Intelligence) against you
any 2 any 3 any 4 Real-World enemies against you
© Matthias Hopf